About St. Paul's School, Falna

St. Paul, Our Patron

St. Paul's School, Srisela, Falna is named after its patron Saint Paul - an ardent Apostle and one of the zealous followers of Lord Jesus Christ. St. Paul was probably the first Greatest genius, and scholar that Christianity has ever known. His 13 Apostolic writings in the Bible to different communities have remained a wellspring of truth down to our own day. His relished motto was "Let truth prevail".

This institution is one of the many Christian Minority Educational Institutions run by the Roman Catholic Diocesan Education Society - Ajmer (Rajasthan), through its member priests. Religious Sisters assist and co-work with the school management. The CJ Sisters of Delhi Province co-work in this institution from its beginning.

This institution was blessed and inaugurated in 2008 and is situated in Srisela, Falna-Bali enroute. It aims at providing quality education that is designed to fit the students of the world of tomorrow, keeping in mind the overall development of every child, so that they turn out to be good and upright citizens for time and eternity. The school begins its session from April. The medium of instruction is English. However, the study of Hindi is compulsory for all the classes. It is co-educational. The School will be upgraded time to time according to the convenience of the Management in the coming years. Thereafter it is the sole responsibility of the parent to provide further education to their children in any institution of their choice

Our Vision

  1. All round education in the exciting learning environment with modern teaching methods and equipments.
  2. Teaching the art of living with special emphasis on the ethics and morality.
  3. Helping each child to grow into a confident and capable person, to utilize every opportunity and to realize one's life dream.
  4. Giving equal focus on academics and extra curricular activities.
  5. To draw out the best within the child by nurturing and developing one's natural skills, talents, creativity and overall development.


The school provides a sound education designated to fit its students of the world of tomorrow, in whatever sphere of activity they may be called to, an education in the fullest sense is offered in moral, intellectual, social and physical fields.

St. Paul's School, Falna

St. Paul's School, Falna

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