Year Established: 2008 | Affiliated to C.B.S.E. Affiliation No.: 1730652  |  School Code: 10999
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St. Paul's Sr. Sec. School

Falna (Rajasthan)

Co-Curricular Activities St. Paul's School, Falna

The children are required to take part in all the co-curricular activities of the school and also in school functions. Children are the most precious and divine creation of God. It is our duty to enhance their all round development in healthy and cheerful environment. One of our strength is our innovation cultural programmes on different occasions. We keep on encouraging our children to appreciate and adopt the Indian culture, for which the school stands. These activities are meant to mould the character, foster team work, promote the spirit of co-operation and bring out the latent qualities of leadership so necessary for success in life. Parents should co-operate wholeheartedly with the school for the good of the children. Some of the co-curricular activities that are followed games and sports (indoors and outdoors) like Cricket, badminton, Volleyball, Basket ball, hand ball, Football,etc.

Competitions like patriotic songs, Card making, Drawing, Learning by heart, choral Recitation, dance, Maths & Science Quiz, Best out of the waste, story telling, singing, etc.

    Shrisela, P.Box 20, Bali, P.O. Falna,
    Distt. Pali - 306166 (Rajasthan)
    Phone : (02938)222700
    Mobile : 6378068373

St. Paul's Sr. Sec. School, Srisela, Falna is named after its patron Saint Paul - an ardent Apostle and one of the zealous followers of Lord Jesus Christ. St. Paul was probably the first Greatest genius, and scholar that Christianity has ever known. His 13 Apostolic writings in the Bible to different communities have remained a wellspring of truth down to our own day.