Year Established: 2008 | Affiliated to C.B.S.E. Affiliation No.: 1730652  |  School Code: 10999
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St. Paul's Sr. Sec. School

Falna (Rajasthan)

Admission And Withdrawal St. Paul's School, Falna

  1. Is open to all boys and girls irrespective of caste, colour or creed.
  2. A child must have completed 3 years 5 months for LKG Admission on 1st April as minimum age. Admission process for the classes L.K.G & H.K.G is done from February 15 to March 15 every year. Admission to remaining seats will be considered only in the month of June depending on vacancies.
  3. Admission to the other classes is made purely on the basis of an entrance test. Date and time will be mentioned in the notice board. The decision of the Principal in matters of admission is final and binding.
  4. Recommendation or approach through any source will be a disqualification for admission.
  5. There are No Donation – Linked Admissions. Beware of unscrupulous intermediaries who, for their personal gain, offer to intervene on your behalf. You could be deprived of admission of your child as well as your hard earned money.
  6. A boy/girl who has attended any recognized school will not be admitted without a school leaving certificate from the same.
  7. A pupil failing twice in the same class must discontinue his studies in the school.
    Shrisela, P.Box 20, Bali, P.O. Falna,
    Distt. Pali - 306166 (Rajasthan)
    Phone : (02938)222700
    Mobile : 6378068373

St. Paul's Sr. Sec. School, Srisela, Falna is named after its patron Saint Paul - an ardent Apostle and one of the zealous followers of Lord Jesus Christ. St. Paul was probably the first Greatest genius, and scholar that Christianity has ever known. His 13 Apostolic writings in the Bible to different communities have remained a wellspring of truth down to our own day.